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Poster: micah6vs8 Date: May 29, 2014 7:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The 1984 Project is finished > 10/6/84

I admit that going in it was going to be a tough to change my mind about 10/12 being the Top of the Pops for '84. (Or to be more accurate the second frame of 10/12- including the Don't Need Brent Love.) After listening to 10/6 a few times through I do not have a new champion- but this is one heck of a show and a stand out among the back fifteen years.

This show reminds me of 3/22/90- very energetic, bright and tons of Phil. Cassidy is the prizewinner of frame one- just beautifully done. Minglewood has some extra hot sauce. The whole first set is frisky and well played.

Scarlet/Fire is of the same lineage- and made me think of the comparison- to the Copps show. The PITB is exquisite. If the post lyric transition/loosening jam can grab me like this one does beginning at 4:00... China Doll is another pure (ghostly) nugget. Post D/S is good, but doesn't bring me to the same peaks as 10/12.

If one has seen vid/pics/live the fall '85 E.C. tour it is amazing that Garcia was able to be coherent - let alone play with some fire and command as he did. He looked awful! Phil is huge and everywhere during this show.

Mando- thank-you for this effort. I will address all future questions & comments about this project to this thread. Also, please consider c&p'ing your reviews of the top 10 or whatever shows to their sources of note.

Could you please send me a copy?

btw- Both sources for 10/6/84 sounded about the same to my ears (... to be takin with at least 5 grains of Na ;-)